"Check out the Gano iTouch 3 in 1 advantage world-class products, global company and sustainable compensation plan"                      "Come and Join GANO I TOUCH/GANO EXCEL, A Global Company with WORLD-CLASS PRODUCTS, and SEE THE WORLD"                      "More and More Filipino Eye Witnesses to the GANO EXCEL FACTORY and the WORLD's BIGGEST GANODERMA FARM"                      "COMPANY MEMOS  -  1. TOP Fillers       2. Free Signage       3. BOS)Building Organizational Structure & StairStep Plan       4. Pre-paid system-EXPANDED       5. Royal Ambassador Crown       6. The BOS Extended       7. Maintenance Pack 3K (MP3K)       8. Service Leader-Level-UP (SLL)       9. Global Convention 2015       10. Global C. Reminders 2015       11. Global C. Qualifiers 2014       12. Plastic ni Juan       13. Compensation Program       14. Updating Distributor Directory       15. Online Shopping       16. BOS Goes to Hongkong       17. Service Leader Level-UP-Hongkong               "Please Log-in for more details make sure you are a ganoitouch member"               (Note: if you do not know your account please email @ ganoitouchphilippines@yahoo.com.ph)               Gano Power Up!
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